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Hexplora works hand-in-hand with your team in determining whether a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud fit your business to prosper in the competitive landscape. Our cloud architect defines a robust migration strategy driving transformation, scalability, security, cost reduction, performance etc. while keeping transparency throughout the transition journey.

Unleash cloud benefits with our world-class cloud migration proficiency

On premises to Cloud

Moving to cloud adds feasibility for scalability. We help industries find success with seamless transition to cloud.

Cloud to Cloud

Seeking modernized solution that flourishes your application? Our approach expedites in finding and transiting to the best cloud platform.

Our Services

Infrastructure migration
Database migration
Platform migration
Application migration

Our approach to accelerate cloud transition

The course of action for your cloud migrations totally depends on the size and complexity of your environment.

Step 1: Plan your migration

Once we understand your business needs and flexibility to cloud after a rigorous assessment of your current infrastructure, we calculate server requirement based on the existing application resources to be efficient. Our Cloud Architect leverages Application Performance Management solution to get real-time insights into your environment and dependencies to build a precise strategy.

Step 2: Determine the right cloud platform

After we achieve successful superior foresight of the current architecture, our experts will suggest you what type of cloud (Private, Public or Hybrid) foster growth. In many cases, leveraging Hybrid Cloud turns out to be cost-effective while maintaining custom security and data governance. Hexplora offers cloud solution over industry-leading cloud platform such as AWS, Azure or Google, etc to approach future business prosperity.

Step 3: Migrating your application

We do not underestimate the complexness of data migration. While complying with the security policies and dictated data governance, we gradually move the part of the application and validate a few customers’ experience followed with a few more customers to ensure no business interruption. We execute the migration in the similar manner until we migrate the entire application(s) to new cloud infrastructure.

Step 4: Validating and Optimizing

We compare pre and post-transition application performance from both technical and objective perspective. Furthermore, keep track on cloud resources being used at optimum level for long-term efficiency, driving flexibility, feasibility, while giving competitive edge over competition.

Why choose us

In cloud migration journey, we become strategic business partner and pave the way for client with best cloud practices.

Business interruption free

Best practices

Implement DevOps

Security and governance

Lack of competence and experience raises complexities while migration.

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