MassHealth Community Partners

Hexplora helps MassHealth Community Partners (CPs), for both Behavioral Health and LTSS Providers, to improve member experience, continuity and quality of care by providing Intervenable Health Care insights. Hexplora also provides a comprehensive overview of their population health, cost, and utilization trends at the ACO, CP, Provider, and individual member level.

It’s a challenging task for CPs to decipher medical claims data MassHealth provides and integrating EMR and other data sources for meaningful use in a Value Based reimbursement scheme when they typically have limited resources. Hexplora brings decades of experience with Health Care data and Analytics and has been working with multiple CPs to bring the insights and operational workflows to address this challenge.

With Hexplora, CPs and ACOs can efficiently track their assigned population each quarter, identify patient and physician outliers, track quality metrics, drill down on specific disease states, perform ROI analyses, and develop targeted interventions.

HEX MassHealth CP module supports the following CP requirements:

  • CP Operational Analytics
  • CP Claims Analytics
  • CP Quality Analytics

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