Execute successful Azure cloud migration without data loss and downtime

Azure migration service from a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner

Hexplora is a Gold-Certified Partner unlocking advanced competencies to deploy best-in-class Microsoft services. Our certified experts help growing companies at a global level to leverage the Azure platform that offers a wide spectrum of cloud solutions to meet emerging needs with greater feasibility.

Our unmatched strategic approach to Azure migration

Analyze existing architect and business requirement

Our cloud architects analyze the current server and IT infrastructure, identify business objectives and requirements, and potential security gaps, assess operational readiness and finally prioritize applications for migration.

Define Azure migration strategy

Define Azure migration strategy No matter how complex your cloud architecture is, our vast exceptional technology experience leads to creating a robust and coherent migration strategy in line with client business strategy. Moreover, our strategy includes key stakeholders for faster deployment.

Migration and deployment

In this step, we execute four critical measures like Hosting, Restructure, Rearchitect, and Rebuild for a successful migration. First, we perform ‘lift-shit’ migration to your applications without touching the code. The first step is followed by restructuring measures, where we make minor tweaks, so your application gets natively compatible with IaaS and PaaS platforms. Next, our cloud architects and stakeholders make changes to the source code, enabling it to be scalable and deployable. In the final step, if your application has limited functionalities, we will rebuild your app using Azure cloud technologies.

Managed Azure services

At Hexplora, we endlessly leverage PaaS capabilities, particularly built-in-security, auto-scaling, software patching, etc., to further scale and optimize cloud architecture feasibility. As a result, we thrive on getting optimum results while minimizing operation and administrational efforts, cut down Azure bills, and offer extended transparency across the services we deliver.

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