Azure Support and Services

Hexplore offer services for solutions using Microsoft’s Azure. We specialise in Azure Cloud projects which include technical architecture, application development, migration, design, DevOps, patches and security updates for Azure.


* Technical architecture which includes designing, reliability, Performance and secure services
* Cloud infra, Systems and Network design
* Technical architecture services
* Requirements evaluation and Technical security Landscape
* Device, Content and Information Management
* Creating a defined Deployment roadmap for your requirements
* Azure Cloud Governance, Security and Compliance Auditing
* Dashboards on errors and audit success reports
* Data migration and database administration
* Extension of on-premises networks to Azure


* Implement best practice for Azure
* Our Team will become your In-house skilled resources
* Deliver your Digital transformation strategy
* Improved productivity though CI and CD
* Reduce costs
* Integrate websites CRMs, Ecommerce stores and multiple Channels
* Making sure that our services are Built and develop to run for the cloud
* Analytics, reporting and Dashboards
* Architectural guidance


* Security Strategy
* Cyber Security consulting
* Risk management
* Design
* Identity Security and Protection to Systems
* Azure Firewall
* Azure Defender for Key Services
* Storage and Infrastructure protection

Lack of competence and experience raises complexities while migration.

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