The Power of
In-depth Analysis
With over one hundred pre-built dashboards and scorecards, 300 measures and KPIs
The Power of
Performance Measurement
With pre-defined reports, full Microsoft Office and SharePoint integration, Alerts, and Scheduling
The Power of
Incredible Foresight
With Disease Identification and Stratification, Risk Scores, and Risk Adjusted Forecasting

The Power of HEX

Range of products to meet Healthcare industry Analytical, Metrics and Reporting needs.

HEX Enterprise
 Data Warehouse

Hexplora offers a comprehensive end-to-end Data Warehousing and Business...

HEX Performance Analytics

Dashboards, Scorecards, and KPIs with more than 300 pre-defined measures that...

HEX Predictive Analytics

Advanced capabilities in the areas of Disease Identification and Stratification, Incidence...

HEX Quality Analytics

Hexplora’s quality measures analytics charts provide a total view of your organization’s...

HEX Revenue Cycle Analytics

End-to-end monitoring and tracking of Revenue Cycle Analytics allowing for...

HEX Care Management

Integrated data-driven care platform that manages all patient specific intervention...

HEX HCC Risk Management

Prospective and retrospective tracking of HCC conditions and scores with full out-of..

HEX Provider Engagement

Hexplora enables healthcare organizations to facilitate coordination and cooper...

HEX Population Health Management

Hexplora solution was architected and developed as a...

HEX Enterprise Reporting

Hexplora’s Enterprise Reporting is focused on Management and Operational Reporting...



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Hexplora has become a valuable and trusted IT partner for CHD in pursuing our strategic goal to create a data-driven culture and enhance the value of community-oriented human services that CHD provides. Hexplora with their strong healthcare domain expertise, was able to rapidly implement their Analytics solution that supports Quality and Care Coordination and ensures a patient’s overall health need are being met.

Mr. Jim Goodwin—President and CEO Center for Human Development Springfield, MA

Right out of the box, Hexplora has been a game-changer for our ACO. Their analytics platform provides us with the sort of timely and actionable insights that our leadership depends on every day to drive real performance improvement in how we care for patients and effectively manage resources.

Dr.Ben Kornitzer MD—Chief Operating Officer Chief Strategy Officer New York based ACO

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