MLTC Quality Reporting

Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTC Plan) of New York serves Medicaid beneficiaries in need of long-term supportive services to help them live in their homes and community due to their disability or chronic illness.  Hexplora has a comprehensive out-of-the box analytics solution for STARS and Quality Measures with automated integration to New York State Uniform Assessment System (UAS).

Using Hexplora dashboards organizations can:

  • gain a clear picture of your members health risks and the costs of care
  • continuously track the Quality Measure and identify care gaps to improve the Measure rates
  • enable deeper insights for better managing utilization across your member base while driving better decision-making

In-depth analytics enable health plans, with just a few clicks, to discover underlying trends and possible interventions which were overlooked in unstructured patient records. Hexplora’s reporting solution motivates coordinated care teams to operate impactful Managed Long-term Care (MLTC) programs. Our customizable solution aims to improve patient engagement that improves patient compliance which in turn enhances financial outcomes.

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