Hexplora Privacy Policy Statement

Our Users privacy is very important to Hexplora. This document details the information Hexplora collects and how it is used. 

Hexplora has suite of products in Healthcare Analytics space. All of our products are security driven and it is strictly controlled by Hexplora administrators. In other words Hexplora manages the users created to its products. To create the users in both the cloud-based portals as well as mobile applications, basic information is collected and that includes no more than name and email address. 

The privacy statement include product-specific details, that provide additional relevant information. This privacy statement applies to the interactions Hexplora portal and mobile applications  has with you the user.

What Personal data Hexplora collects

Hexplora requests only basic information from the users which includes the user names and user email address. At this time Hexplora uses this information to create user id that enables access to Hexplora products.

Hexplora does not collect any information about the users without their knowledge. 

The users provide the data needed for creation of user ids directly to Hexplora through emails or other secure ways like text messages. When you need to change the credentials or to remove an user the Administrator of the clients we work with typically sends this information to us requesting us to change or remove the credentials from the Hexplora portals and mobile applications. This is done by Hexplora administrators and all the data related to that person is removed from the systems.

None of our products require us to collect any information about the users indirectly thru our applications either mobile or web-enabled. 

Hexplora will never ask you for your personal information since we are not in the business of collecting or selling any information about our users.

How Hexplora uses any personal information

Hexplora does not collect information about the users. The information is originally provided by users is used to create user ids to access Hexplora platform and products.  

Hexplora does not use any personal information provided by users to the platform. The information is used to created user ids and modify accesses whenever required or to terminate the access when ever a person ceases to be a user of Hexplora platform.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Cookies are small files placed on your PC or mobile device by any internet browser to store data that can be reused by a browser.

Hexplora does NOT use cookies or any similar technologies to collect or store user information, but the web browsers collect this information only after the user gives a consent. Hexplora does not store or reuse the information collected by the web browsers.

Sharing of Personal information 

Hexplora neither collects nor shares any personal information of the users.

Hexplora product access provided by your organization

In the case when Hexplora product access is provided by an organization a user is associated with, that organization can control and administer your access to the Hexplora product.

Hexplora is a product typically used by organizations with Analytics needs and so the access to the Hexplora platform is subject to your organization’s policies. You should direct your privacy inquiries, including any requests to exercise your data protection rights, to your organization’s administrator. Hexplora is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of our customers, which may differ from those set forth in this privacy statement.

For all the users who are provided access to the Hexplora platform, Hexplora will NOT collect any personal data or share the data or build any personal profile of the user.