HEX Enterprise Data Warehouse

Hexplora offers a comprehensive end-to-end Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution for Health Plans, ACOs, and IPAs. Based on years of experience implementing Data Management solutions for large payers and providers, Hexplora has been designed as a foundational platform for healthcare organizations for all their Reporting and Analytics requirements. Hexplora helps healthcare organizations achieve faster ROI by reducing unmanaged costs and improving Interventions and Outcomes.

Hexplora Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) integrates data from multiple sources and subject areas into a centralized data source. The data is enriched and enhanced through numerous quality checks and pre-defined measures. Some of the key features of Hexplora Data Repository are:

  • Serves as a centralized single source of truth for the organization
  • Integrates and transforms data into Actionable Information
  • Provides a 360-degree longitudinal view of members
  • Full history tracking with as-was and as-is views of data
  • Scalable infrastructure with superior performance and response time
  • Flexible and extensible to facilitate insights and efficient analytics
  • Timely information for proactive engagement

A robust Data Integration engine with the following capabilities is a key component of the EDW:

  • Inbound ETL for HIPAA EDI transactions
  • Inbound ETL for non-EDI transactions based on standard APIs
  • Outbound ETL for HIPAA EDI transactions
  • Centralized business rules for standards driven data validation
  • Customizations to support organization specific data validation rules
  • Standardized reusable components for data validation, audit control, and error handling

Hexplora EDW is powered by a comprehensive data model based on industry standard design principles that integrates data across all available healthcare subject areas. Some of the key features of the EDW are:

  • Logical and physical data model with a comprehensive data dictionary.
  • Conformed dimensional data model designed using Kimball dimensional modeling methodology
  • OLAP Data Cubes with a semantic data model that is easily understood by non-IT users

The following Data Subject Areas are included in the EDW:

  • Members: Eligibility & Enrollment, Demographics, Socio-economic data
  • Providers: Demographics, Contract/Fee Schedule, Networks, Profiles, Credentialing
  • Plans: Plans, Plan benefits, Employers, Groups, Client contracts
  • Claims: Summary and Detail Claim data, Multiple roll-ups/ Categorizations
  • Pharmacy: Prescription Claims, Drugs
  • Lab Results: Lab Results, Lab Values
  • Care Management: Activities, Interventions, Outcomes across CM/UM/DM, HRA
  • Value Added Metrics: RVU, DRG, MDC, Admission Build, Clinical Conditions, Disease Category, Disease Staging, Analytic Classifications, Age Groupings

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