Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Today, Intelligence-driven Machine Learning fascinates many companies globally across many industries. However, not all utilize its true potential. Combining Artificial Intelligence with Cloud and Analytics can aid us to drive intelligent automation delivering enhanced customer experiences. Be it predictive analytics or understanding customer behavior, AI is driving enterprises towards success by enabling smart automation. In the coming years, AI & ML will become a core technology integrated with advanced applications and hardware systems.

Enterprises often struggle to exploit the highly useful insights due to ever expanding volume, variety, and velocity of data. Not anymore! With Microsoft’s AI & ML platform, Azure based technologies, and the entire SQL Server based Analytics platform, you can obtain vital insights to solve business hurdles and improve efficiency. Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services, AI & ML help bring in Digital Experience to users across the organization through automation.

At Hexplora, we leverage data, cognitive services, and predictive analytics to bridge between your data and bring unmatched insights towards your business to optimize costs and maximize revenue to stay competitive. 

Companies are embracing on-cloud data warehouses with build and scale capabilities to experience greater elasticity, higher performance, and a reduced time to market. Hexplora helps aid customers to unlock the true potential of a data warehouse on cloud.

Benefits – Artificial Intelligence:

Increased Revenue

Know your customers better through Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to AI, you can personalize your products and services, anticipate buying intentions, plus significantly enhance customer experience fostering customer loyalty.

Cost Reduction

The power of AI allows for optimal operational performance such as real-time activity management, route and stock management, optimization, and predictive maintenance, reducing operational costs significantly.

Risk Containment

AI will help identify and analyze the risks related to fraud and enable you to set up reliable cybersecurity processes ensuring a complete risk management policy.

Our Services

1. AI Consultation:

Through Hexplora, Develop a Proof of Concept (POC), assess the risk management capabilities, create a framework for AI-centric data center innovation and AI opportunities.

2. Application Modernization:

Breathe longevity and life into your legacy applications using Hexplora’s App Modernization Methodology

  • Application Portfolio Assessment & Roadmap Definition
  • Line of Business (or) Legacy Apps Modernization
  • Modern Applications Design and Development
  • Azure based DevOps
3. Infrastructure Modernization

Transition your IT infrastructure to cloud and accelerate innovation with Hexplora’s Azure-based cloud services.

  • Cloud Assessment and Azure Onboarding 
  • Lift-Shift based Infrastructure Migration
  • Move on-premises server workloads to Azure
  • Azure Backup and Site Recovery
  • StorSimple design and setup
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring as a Managed Service
4. Azure Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services brings Artificial Intelligence within the reach of every developer, without requiring any machine learning expertise. An API call can embed the ability to see, speak, hear, search, understand, and accelerate the decision-making into your applications. Enable developers to easily add AI capabilities to their applications.

Anomaly Detector
Identify potential problems in the early stages.
Content Moderator
Detect unwanted or potentially offensive content.
Create rich and personalized experiences for every user.
Language Understanding
Create natural language understanding into applications, bots and IoT devices.
Q&A Maker
Create a conversational Q&A layer over your data.
Text Analytics
Detect sentiment, named entities and key phrases.
Detect and translate 90+ supported languages.
Speech to Text
Transcribe audio into readable, searchable text.
Text to Speech
Convert text to life-like speech for more natural interfaces.
Speech Translation
Incorporate real-time speech translation into your applications.
Computer Vision
Analyze content in video and images.
Custom Vision
Customize image recognition to suit your business needs.
Face API
Detect and identify people and their emotions in images.
5. Predictive Maintenance:

Executing Artificial Intelligence powered predictive maintenance solutions to analyze data, identify warnings, create alerts, understand real-time device environment, and initiate suitable maintenance requests.

6. Managed Services:

Ensuring post-deployment constant support for your AI products.

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